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Tenant Screening Services for Real Estate Agents

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This online solution is free for real estate agents. Listing 2 Leasing simply requests that you utilize our tenant screening products when conducting rental transactions.

$39.99 (Paid by Applicants)* includes:

  • Online Application
  • TransUnion or Experian Credit Check
  • Criminal Background Check
  • Eviction Check
  • Digital Landlord & Employment Verifications
  • eSign
*Pricing may vary at brokerages depending on products selected

Real Estate Agent Tenant Screening Features

Everything agents need in an online tenant screening solution is found within Listing 2 Leasing’s mobile-friendly platform.

  • Ease of Use for Agents - Easily create a free account and have reports created. For all reports, both agents and landlords legally get a copy to avoid extra work.
  • Customizable Solutions - Customize tenant screening products to each transaction, including tenant credit reports, eviction history, and criminal background checks.
  • Online Tenant Applications - Tenant applications occur in the cloud, reducing or removing physical paperwork.
  • Applicant Grouping - Applicants, co-signers, and groups are automatically organized and evaluated.
  • E-Sign - Create templates and documents that can be used in transactions over and over again. All user information entered is populated elsewhere to save massive amounts of time.


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Proprietary Free E-sign Technology
Legal and fast
  • Integrated into the platform
  • Add multiple signers
  • E-sign on mobile, tablet or computer
  • UETA compliant - Uniform Electronic Transaction Act
  • Timestamps track dates, times and IP addresses of all signatures
Templates | Art
Templates -
Documents can be set up as Templates to end repetitive document creation
  • Create templates for single or multiple transactions.
  • Unlimited amount of documents and templates can be created
  • Create folders or packets of templates that are often used together
  • Templates can be set up by users or Listing 2 Leasing to simplify workflows
Office Templates | Art
Office Templates -
Time-saving features can benefit your entire team
  • Utilize your personal forms, brokerage forms, and realtor association forms (where available)
  • Brokers can create templates to be shared by their agents
  • Listing 2 Leasing can create Office Templates for an office
Smart Fields | Art
Smart Fields -
Allow information from your Smart Fields to flow into your Template or documents to avoid duplicate work
  • Data can flow into templates and documents after adding the information once
  • Documents can be set up to auto-add signatures in appropriate places, the deal initiator sets up roles
Task Management | Art
Task Management -
Easily see who needs to sign what document, view completed and open documents
  • After a document has been sent out for signature, easily view who has signed and who has not
  • Receive notifications for signed and completed documents
Document Storage | Art
Document Storage
Search customized forms and transactions to find documents when you need them
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Additional Features for Real Estate Agents

Listing 2 Leasing offers more features to save you time and money and protect valuable information:

  • Electronic Residency & Employer Verifications - Listing 2 Leasing sends out an email to handle a digital verifications on your behalf. Verifications can be resent and emails modified as needed. Our automated verification process simplifies your work.
  • No Credentialing for Agents - A time-saving solution with TransUnion to make your life easier.
  • Reminders - Set reminders within your platform for when a listing is expiring or starting.
  • Security & Risk Management - Advanced security implementations keep you protected, while risk management features ensure your documents are being used and completed correctly.
  • FCRA Compliant - Our tenant screening services for real estate agents are fully FCRA compliant.

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